Chapter Initiatives

No Child Left Indoors ®

Youth and dog hunting

To foster the next generation of land stewards and hunting conservationists, Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever Education & Outreach Programs and No Child Left Indoors® (NCLI) initiative is working with volunteers, chapters and conservation partners to provide opportunities for youth, families and interested adults to share our outdoor traditions and hunting heritage. 

To date, Missouri chapters have contributed over $90000 to No Child Left Indoors®.

Habitat Challenge Grant

Pollinators for quail and habitat

The Habitat Challenge Grant is a partnership between the Missouri Department of Conservation and Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever in Missouri that allows our chapters to double their impact on habitat restoration in their regions.  For the last 10 years, MDC has matched our chapters' contributions, dollar for dollar, to help fund quail-focused habitat projects on private lands.  With over 93% of Missouri in private ownership, this truly unique model is crucial to delivering our habitat mission to the state.  Best of all, chapters get to decide where their Habitat Challenge dollars are spent, be it statewide, or in their home county.

Legislative Action Fund

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever government

Hunters, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts have never needed “The Habitat Organization” more than now. Our challenges are great, but our opportunities are all around us. Perhaps the greatest opportunity to turn the tide for wildlife, habitat and all natural resources exists with our local efforts and our presence in Jefferson City and Washington, DC. With one stroke of the pen, conservation policy can be protected today and for years to come. 

The Legislative Action Fund provides critical support for Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever in Missouri to remain politically active in our efforts to preserve wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.  To date, Missouri chapters have contributed over $180,000 to the Legislative Action Fund.

Missouri State Habitat Fund

Quail Forever Biologist Wes Buchheit and landowner discussing quail and habitat

Since 2011, Farm Bill Biologists, supported by chapter and partner contributions have restored or enhanced over 180,000 acres.  Adding to our partnerships with the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, our chapters contribute to our Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist Program, providing landowners invaluable technical assistance throughout the state.  These positions, along with our chapter-sponsored outreach and education coordinator, work 24/7 to see our habitat mission through to reality.